Be a Health Suite Hero

Here are a few tips for using the sauna, steam room & spa pool:

Look after yourself
You should not use the health suite if:
You have heart disease, high or low blood pressure or conditions which may affect your reaction to heat.
You are suffering from infections, skin diseases, sores or wounds.
You have any illness causing an inability to perspire.
You are pregnant and without consulting your doctor first.
You are taking any medications which makes you unsure if you can use the sauna, steam-room or Jacuzzi.
You have had a meal or consumed alcohol within one and a half hours.

We would advise that you use the health suite for a maximum time of 15 minutes.

Look after each other
Be respectful: Give other members the space and peace they need to relax.
Be hygienic: Shower before and after using the sauna, steam-room and spa pool.
Be clean: No shaving, food, drink, body lotions and oils are permitted in the health suite.
Be modest: Swimwear must be worn in the spa pool, sauna or steam room.

Look after the kids
Children under 16 years are not allowed to use the spa pool, sauna or steam room.