Be a Gym Guru

Here are a few tips to make everyone’s gym experience even better:

Look after yourself: Drink plenty of water , wear suitable sports clothing and training shoes.
Look after each other: Show respect, share a smile and think twice before giving unsolicited advice.
Look after the kids: Under 16’s are not permitted to use the gym for safety reasons.

Be thoughtful: Check if the equipment is free first.
Be space smart: Train away from weight racks & don’t block people’s view of mirrors.
Be weight smart: Use safety clips, unload your bar evenly & don’t drop ‘em.
Be safe: Read instructions & signs. Don’t use damaged equipment & tell us if you see it.
Be considerate: At busy times, try 15 mins high intensity cardio instead of a slow hour.
Be purposeful: Only use the track for running, not skipping, jumping or slam balls.
Be savvy: Phone calls, food, gum and bags aren’t good fitness buddies. Leave ‘em in the locker.
Be clean & tidy: Used it? Towel it dry and put it back where it lives.