Family Swimming: 3 Great Games To Play In The Pool

There’s nothing better than family swimming time. It brings out the big kid in all of us. It certainly beats dragging bored kids round a shopping centre whilst they moan and beg for junk food. At Gym Plus we love seeing families spending time together in the pool. But what games can you play with your family that are fun and lifeguard friendly? Here are some of our favourites:

Mini Olympics

Divide your family into teams and choose a team name. Then, have a series of mini Olympic swimming races such as medley relays. You can mix it up a bit with fun non-Olympic races such as trying to speed walk in the water, pushing a float or ball along with your nose and “kids ride grown-ups Grand National”.

Finders Keepers

For this one, you’ll need something that sinks that’s too big to disappear down the drain. A pair of goggles is perfect if you don’t have a sinking toy or something like that. The kids hold on to the side whilst the adult is positioned a distance away. The adult drops the sinking object, signalling that the game has begun. The first child to retrieve the sinking object is the winner. If your kids are very different in age or ability, you can “handicap” the more advanced child by starting them further from the object.

Pass The Parcel

All stand in a line with the front family member holding a float or ball. Sing a short song or nursery rhyme as the object is passed down the line, first over your heads and then back under your legs. The aim is to get the object back to the front before the song finishes. If you are a large family or have friends with you, two families can race each other.

Find a Pool

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