Exercise Inspiration For An Indoor Rower

Are you a fan of the indoor rower? One of the big advantages of the rower is that it activates the lower body ( your quadriceps and glutes), upper body (deltoids and lats), and core muscles (the  abdominal) all at once.


Great For Cardio

Cardio exercise is important for cardiovascular health, to aid weight loss or increase your overall endurance. While the obvious cardiovascular workout is either walking or running, you may want to change up your options and using an indoor rower is a great way to do so. 

The rower also allows for a low impact cardiovascular exercise which lowers your risk of injury. Due to its low impact effect, it also plays an important role in injury rehabilitation.

Athletic man using rowing machine

Indoor Rower Interval Training

Interval training has become an integral part of many cardiovascular workouts and the same can be said when it comes to using an indoor rower as part of a workout plan.

Interval training is a practice where you work at higher intensity levels for a period of time before resting for a short period and then rising the intensity again. You can do this any number of ways, whether the intensity levels are lower and consistent, or higher, increasing your heart rate quickly. 

It all depends on your fitness goals, but indoor rower machines can play an important role in your workout and by adding interval training into your workout plan, you’ll increase your endurance and fitness without question.


Playing Indoor Rower Games

Many indoor rower machines will come with built-in games for you to play! Yes, you read that right. Hop on, work out and win!

While you’ll still be working out, indoor rowing machines can turn your ordinary workout into a game, allowing you to fulfil your competitive ambitions by achieving a high score while you burn the calories. Give it a go, you may find you work even harder than normal.


Distance and Speed

While indoor rowers do come with their own unique challenges, you can use it to time how quickly you can row a certain distance. Indoor rowers will allow you to record how long it takes you to row specific distances, so you can take advantage and track how far you are off beating your 2000m record, for example, or further. Don’t forget that if you own a smartwatch, you can track and record every workout, so you can track your improvements as you go.

Each distance can become a challenge for you and by breaking your personal records, you’ll get the benefit of seeing your progress in the form of knocking seconds off of your time.

Back view of Muscular man which using rowing machine in gym.

Jump On and Get Rowing

However you find inspiration, there’s no doubt that an indoor rower is a wonderful way to reach your cardio fitness goals. From achieving a high score or competing against the clock to a casual row after work to de-stress, an indoor rower is a great addition to any workout plan. 

At Gym Plus you will find a range of state of the art indoor rower machines, each one designed to provide you with a great workout – come and see if you can beat the high score or record a personal best for the 2000m. 



Written by Craig Shields 


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