Boost Employee Health With Workstation Wellness

Nobody likes feeling under the weather and businesses have both commercial and ethical reasons to ensure their workforce stays well. Many factors affecting employee health are beyond the control of even the most dedicated enterprise; however, a bit of work on the workstations can have a dramatic effect.

Check out these simple ideas to enhance employee health via their desks:


Having a clear, tidy workspace increases productivity, efficiency and motivation whilst reducing stress. What’s not to love? A clear desk policy or a paperless office are great ways to drive this from the top down.

Deep clean

Most of us have contract cleaners for our offices, but how often do we actually look at what they do? The best firms have a regular routine of antibacterial cleansing and periodic deep cleans of germ magnets such as phone keypads and keyboards. At the other end of the scale you find cleaning companies who won’t clean desks that aren’t clear and use the same filthy cloth for every workstation.

Add colour

There are loads of studies and articles around on the effect of colour on employees mood and productivity. Whilst they don’t all agree on the optimal combination, they do at least agree that pops of colour are a good thing for employees, allowing them to feel calmer or more positive or more energised. By contrast the traditional office shades of grey and beige sap energy and black causes anxiety.

Bring outdoors in

You can’t control how much daylight you get or how big your windows are, but that doesn’t stop you bringing the outdoors in for a boost to employee health. Plants give an instant lift to any workstation, adding colour and aesthetic appeal. If you’ve gone for real plants, they can also improve the air quality throughout the office.

Get aligned

Poor seating and screen position is to blame for a scary amount of workplace injuries. Over 20,000 Irish people report to the HSA that they suffer work-related bone, muscle or joint issues each year. Ensuring correct workplace setup should be a standard part of our onboarding of a new employee, but you can further improve employee health by doing periodic checks throughout the business.

Stretches not snacks

Finally, we can encourage our workforce to have healthy habits at their workstation. Stretches at your desk can increase energy, decrease boredom and mean that you avoid reaching for unhealthy snacks.


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