Emerging Fitness Trends 

Every year fitness trends come and go. Some become mainstays of many people’s routines while others drift away, forgotten about forever. We’ve had a look through some of this years’ hottest trends and have identified a few that we believe are sticking around, many of which, will be quite familiar to you as old becomes new again.


The Use of Personal Trainers

The use of personal trainers is becoming more and more common. The reason for this is because people are focusing more on achieving their fitness goals and so they want to make sure they have the best opportunity to do so. Rather than rely on a google search for ideas for both exercises and nutrition, they are turning their attention towards paying for a personal trainer who will assist them and give them the best opportunity to achieve their fitness goals.

It’s a trend that has been growing in recent years and it’s one that is set to continue into 2022, a personal trainer can really make difference for you.


The Rebirth of the Bike

Despite being around for many years as a great cardio option, many people are now rediscovering the benefits of the bike and what it can offer. For many people, a bike ride in a gym offers a safe way to achieve their cardio goals than when compared to running. 

Gym Plus Keiser Indoor Cycling


The latter can of course be quite painful on the joints, but with a bike ride, you still get the benefits of cardio but without an increased risk of injury, meaning that you can enjoy cardio sessions for a bit longer into your later years in life if you have joint issues – especially knees.


Over the years many people have focused on different parts of their body, whether it be their arms or their legs, general fitness and health. But recently a new trend has been growing that has seen people focus more on their natural posture. In recent times, people have started to get help with their posture through classes like yoga and pilates in order to ensure their posture is as best as it can be both for the present and at a later age. Both Yoga and Pilates have soared in popularity in recent years and it’s a trend that is set to continue into 2022 and beyond.

Away from classes, tension bands are a great way to improve your posture with certain exercises helping your body to adapt with specific movements and rotations, helping your posture to be as good as it possibly can be.



Competition And Support

One of the trends that emerged post-pandemic was that of competitive fitness between friends. Competition doesn’t have to create conflict, as it can be a great way to motivate each other to go further than ever before. 

Being sociable at the gym is increasing and pushing each other to go further, push harder and be better is great for everyone. Competition doesn’t have to mean competing, just helping your friend, family member or partner to reach their own goals through supporting them is just as important. Competition and bragging rights are great, but just being there for a gym buddy to push them on is support you can’t replicate through any other means.

Wearable Technology

Knowing the specifics of what you’re capable of will allow you to see the boundary you must push in order to better yourself. This works for many aspects of life but especially fitness. While we could perhaps measure the distance we ran of the weight we could lift, the specifics and intricate details were missing, thankfully, these days we can now track with wearable tech.

The most obvious wearable tech is a SmartWatch that can easily track all aspects of fitness but in the near future we should see smart clothing and shoes also enter the consciousness of many, with smart shirts capable of tracking respiratory functions and smart shoes monitoring not just walk and run distances but also the health and dynamics of your feet and lower body. Smartwatches and fitness trackers are just the start. 


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