Digital Fitness: Wearable tech and apps for health and fitness

Were you one of the lucky ones that got a new digital fitness gadget for Christmas? Or have you held off getting yourself involved in all the high tech health wizardry because you don’t know if it’ll make a difference?

At Gym Plus we’re making 2018 the year we really embrace fitness technology and in recognition of this little resolution we’ve put together a guide to the kinds of things you might want to try for yourself, with short, simple explanations as to why they work.

Health and Digital Fitness Apps

Whether you want to stop smoking, lost weight, reduce your blood pressure or cholesterol levels, there’s definitely an app for that. Usually several. And many off them are free. You can even see a proper doctor through your smartphone these days. Digital fitness has got in on the act with apps too, with everything from workouts to weight lifting tips available in a couple of clicks.

Why it works: Having a dedicated place on your phone that allows you to easily track and measure a particular thing will help keep you focused on your goal. And having a wealth of health and fitness information at your fingertips means you’re more likely to take better decisions.

Smart Watches

Smart watches and fitness trackers were the in the first wave of health and fitness technology. But they’ve come a long way since then. There are almost limitless functions and combinations to be found across a whole host of different brands. Wearable tech brands have embraces GPS, monitoring your sleep, sport performance, blood pressure, daily activity and a host of other parameters.

Why it works: Measuring your physical stay in this way takes the subjectivity out of your self assessment. It stops you thinking “I’m fine” when in fact you feel dreadful after no sleep. Nor can you pretend you finished your setoff exercises when in fact you skipped the last 10.

Smart Shoes & Shorts, Plus Heart Rate Headphones

Perhaps you’re fond of your existing watch and don’t fancy swapping it for a smart watch. Or you don’t like wearing something on your wrist whilst you do sports. There are other options. Smart shoes and smart shorts gather data on your physical performance, timings, stride patterns and techniques, muscle load and a bunch of other useful fitness metrics, all whilst being part of your regular kit. Heart rate headphones give you accurate hear rate measurements along with your favourite tunes.

Why it works: By integrating the technology into something as fundamental to your activity as your shoe or shorts, more accurate and detailed measurements can be obtained about the body parts in contact with the tech.

Sports Equipment Trackers

Some brands such as Zepp have chosen to approach digital fitness a little differently. They put sensors and trackers into the equipment you use for sport. For example you tennis racket, golf club, or soccer ball. And the resulting read out includes performance stats and video clips to help improve performance.

Why it works: These types of trackers provide the kind of data normally only available to top professional sports people. They provide a new level of insight into your performance that you and your coaching team can us to improve your game.

Digital Fitness At Gym Plus

Soon, Gym Plus will be launching a brand new app called FitSense. The app will allow members to easily book classes, access their personal fitness programme, socialise, contact the club and more. Watch this space!

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