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Indoor Cycling at GymPlus

Indoor Cycling classes are group exercise classes that take place in a dedicated studio, filled with stationary indoor exercise bikes. The format of the classes can vary based on your instructor’s personal preferences, but you can expect to work out on the bike at a variety of speeds and resistances.

Some spinning classes even include periods of exercise off the bike, for example doing some abdominal exercises on the floor beside your bike in between of after periods of bike riding.

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Indoor Cycling is winning

Indoor Cycling classes are a great workout because they offer a huge variety of health benefits, from speed, to power, to endurance. You get the benefit of a mixture of high intensity intervals and sprints with longer endurance phases in a class.

Your expert instructor will execute a finely tuned balance between cardio and resistance work on the bikes and you’ll be spurred on by their encouragement and seeing all your classmates taking on the same challenges by your side.

One benefit people often come back to is the sheer amount of energy you expend in a spinning class, up to and sometimes even over 1000 calories an hour! This makes it a great way to get a lot of exercise in a short period. You can do a class in your lunch break and still have time for a sambo!

You are what you ride

At Gym Plus, we call spinning classes Keiser Indoor Cycling. This is because our spinning classes take place on top of the range Keiser indoor exercise bikes, worth over €1000 each. They are the indoor equivalent of riding a professional quality competition bike, giving you the best ride available.

The bikes were the first in the world to use a magnetic resistance system with eddy currents: electric currents generated by two opposing magnets passing over the flywheel. By varying how much of the flywheel comes into contact with the magnetic field, you can increase or decrease the resistance whilst maintaining a very smooth ride.

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