Yoga Flow

Reebok Yoga Flow is an energetic style of yoga that links breath with movement in a continuous flow

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What to expect

Reebok Yoga Flow is a faster style than others as it is performed in a continuous, challenging flow with no breaks in between movements.

Participants will explore standing yoga postures, seated postures, balances and breathing exercises during class. Expect lots of bending, twists and inversion movements.

Led by our professional Gym Plus yoga instructors, you will learn how to flow from one pose to the next effortlessly. And with practice, you will perfect stretches by reaching deeper into postures.

What are the benefits?

This active, flowing style of yoga combines strength and flexibility while toning the body. It is a great way to burn calories, aiding weight loss efforts. Reebok Yoga Flow can also help correct muscular imbalances in the body and reduce the risk of injury.

This is a great class to help you de-stress, clear your mind, reduce tension and find a sense of calm.

Who’s it for?

For regular gym-goers who want to increase their flexibility and keep their muscles and joints healthy. If you’re new to yoga, you might want to try a slower style to get used to the postures but beginners of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to try this class too. This is also the ideal class anyone who is looking to de-stress and loosen the tightness in their bodies.

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