Suspension Kettlebells

This is a strong workout using suspension straps and kettlebells.

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What to expect

Suspension training involves using two straps with your hands to partially suspend your body, leveraging gravity and your body weight as resistance. You will thus engage your core in every move. Then get your heart rate pumping and mix up your weights performance by mixing in kettlebell exercises to achieve a varied full body workout.

Under the instruction of our expert Gym Plus trainers, you will never get bored of this exciting class with dozens of new exercises to try each week. Suitable for all ages and fitness abilities, you can easily adjust the suspension exercises to suit your fitness level by taking a step back or make it harder by stepping nearer to the anchor point. Making small modifications each week allows you to progress and challenge yourself.

What are the benefits?

This class is a fantastic way to build strength and get your heart beating using your own body weight and kettlebells. Suspension training makes your core muscles work hard, which helps improve stability, mobility, strength, balance and coordination.

Kettlebells have been proven to improve overall strength, core power and balance as well as tone the body and help you sculpt lean muscles.

Who’s it for?

For everyone, no matter your fitness level. For anyone who is looking for a group exercise class that never gets boring. And for those who want to gain muscle and get a stronger core in a short space of time. It’s also great for runners because it can correct imbalances in leg muscles that usually lead to an uneven stride.

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