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Are you are looking for an exercise to quieten the mind, relax and unwind? Stretch and Relax class is a yoga-style class that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. It is a great exercise to do if you are returning to fitness after a break or as a complement to other types of exercise.

What is Stretch and Relax class?

Stretch and Relax class at Gym Plus is a workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling great. A fusion of gentle yoga-based exercises, our Stretch and Relax instructors show you how to perform a series of stretches and breathing exercises. Moves and poses are set to relaxing music, creating an environment of peace and calm.

Through controlled breathing exercises, you learn how to focus and quieten the mind. In class we may use foam rollers to help release tightness in the muscles as well as increase the range of motion and balance the body.

What are the benefits of Stretch and Relax class?

Stretch and Relax classes can help you develop better balance and endurance. It can also help improve flexibility, strength and stamina. Participants also benefit from the energy boost the exercise can provide. It is an exercise class suitable for all ages and abilities but can be particularly beneficial for those suffering with joint problems. These stretches can help lubricate the joints as well as increase bone density.

Furthermore, Stretch and Relax can help those with back problems, helping to tone and strengthen the back muscles as well as improve posture. Although we advice speaking to your GP before commencing this class.

In addition to the physical benefits, there are a number of other benefits to taking this class. It is a great way to de-stress, improve sleep and lower blood pressure. If you lead a busy life, it can be the perfect place to create some “me-time” and enjoy the quiet. It can provide a sense of calm for people of all ages. If you enjoy these classes you might also like to know more about our yoga and pilates classes.

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