Kettlebells Classes

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What To Expect 

Using cast-iron weights shaped like a ball with a handle called kettlebells, you will learn the proper form on key weight lifting moves. These include alternating one-arm swings, cleans, squats and shoulder presses. 

The design of the kettlebell makes it easy to perform a wide range of movements, allowing you to focus on your posture and core. Our Gym Plus instructors will motivate you to achieve your best from the warm-up, through each high-intensity movement and into the cool down.  


What are the benefits?

This class will challenge all your major muscle groups and get your heart racing in one session. It will strengthen the lower body (glutes, hamstrings and quads) to the core and upper body (back, shoulders, triceps and biceps). This class will help you sculpt a leaner body while burning calories and building strength. 

Kettlebells training has also proven to improve coordination and stability. And as with all strength training exercises, it’s a great way of combating the loss of muscle mass as we age. As well as helping us feel more confident and happier in everyday life. 


Who’s it for?

Kettlebells is a great fitness class for participants of all ages and fitness levels. There are a variety of weights available so the class can be customised to suit different abilities. It’s ideal for anyone who is looking to lose weight and tone up. And the combination of cardio and strength training elements make it a highly efficient class for anyone looking for a full-body workout. 



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