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Join a Family Fitness

Fitness classes are for everyone, including the family! Gym Plus offer Kids-Fit, Teen Freestyle and Teen HIIT, so everyone in your family can benefit from our workout classes.

What is a Family Fitness Class?

Workout classes aren’t just for adults, so we ensure that everyone in the family can avail of our amazing classes, including children. Family fitness is a great way to get children and teenagers into working out and having a good relationship with exercise at a young age. These classes are fun and engaging so that everyone in the family can benefit from them.

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Why do Family Fitness Classes?

Now that we know what Family Fitness is, what are the benefits of Family Fitness?

Your Mood

Family fitness has a natural effect of boosting children’s and teenagers’ moods as they leave the classes feeling accomplished and motivated to continue working out.


All classes will help with proper technique and posture as instructors teach the children and teenagers how to work out correctly to avoid injuries in the future.


Workout classes will increase children’s and teenagers’ cardio and muscular endurance.

What Types of
Family Fitness Classes are Included

We offer a wide range of Family Fitness classes. Please check your individual class timetable to see if that class is in your location

Kids fitness (6-12 years)

kettlebell icon

Teen Indoor cycling

Teen Bootcamp (11-15)

Buggy Bootcamp

Teen Fit

Family Fitness

Teen Gym (11-16 years)

What Other Members Think

Find out what other members have to say about Gym Plus!


I love Pilates because it pushes you more than you think. It’s great for flexibility and helps me keep mobile. I’ve also really improved my balance from doing these classes regularly.


The Yoga class gives me a great balance between my heavy weight strength training and my mobility and flexibility movements. Yoga has helped me to increase my core strength overall.


My favourite thing about Gym Plus is the atmosphere, all the equipment that’s here and the classes are so helpful. The trainers and instructors are amazing and will help you throughout your session every single day.

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