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Join A Kids
Fitness Class

Kids-Fit is a specially designed class to meet the unique fitness needs of children aged 6-12. Children get to stay fit through play and exercise, both competitive and non-competitive in nature.

What is a Kids Fitness Class?

Everyone can enjoy the upbeat music, fun games and fitness moves. Our highly-trained Gym Plus instructors motivate the children, adapting to their fitness abilities and interests. Every class is different, but we usually start with warm-up exercises. Then the class moves on to more aerobic style activities, and we include some stretch exercises at the end. Children can go at their own pace and are encouraged to try new activities and focus on new skills each week.

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Why do Kids Fitness Classes?

Now that we know what it is, what are the benefits of Kids Fitness?

New Friends

It is the perfect class for kids to maintain and build their fitness, develop physical skills and meet new friends.

Suitable For
All Fitness Levels

Children gain strength and confidence from being part of a fun group class and develop better coordination and balance through the various activities

Learn To
Challenege Themselves

It is a great class for children to learn how to challenge themselves, set goals and leave with a sense of achievement.

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Want a sneak peek into one of our clubs before you decide? Book a tour today, and one of our friendly staff members will show you everything we have to offer, along with answering any questions you may have.

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