If you are looking for a challenging, high-intensity, circuit-based exercise class then Burn is for you. Using a mixture of treadmills and weights, this full-body workout fits cardio and strength training into a fast-paced session.

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What to expect

Before each class, your instructor will talk you through the circuit and demonstrate each move. Then you will move through the full circuit a number of times, spending less time on each station as you progress.

Burn is designed to be a tough workout where you exert near maximum effort. On the treadmill, you will use a mix of speed, endurance and inclinations to get your heart rate up. Then switch to strength training exercises such as split squats, step-ups, bicep curls and dumbbell lunges.

What are the benefits?

Research has shown that by combining running and weight training you will improve your cardiovascular system. This is particularly beneficial for those who enjoy running outdoors, as it will increase your stamina to achieve longer distances and strengthen your muscles for better control.

Furthermore, you will build lean muscle which helps to boost bone density. It will also greatly reduce your risk of injury through the mix of interval treadmill sprints and resistance exercises. Most importantly, the class is one that you will never get bored and will push you to your limits each week.

Who’s it for?

Those who enjoy high-intensity interval training exercises. Regular gym-goers who want to switch up their treadmill routine. Runners who want to improve their performance or complement their training for an event.

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