Barbells Training Classes

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What to expect

Barbells at Gym Plus is a fun and challenging group fitness class designed to work all your major muscle groups. Using weight exercises such as squats, presses, lunges, lifts and curls. 

Each class begins with a quick stretch and warm-up before practising the lifts mentioned above. Your Gym Plus barbells instructor will give you the individual attention needed to learn the basic moves and techniques. 

Don’t put pressure on yourself to get it right at your first class, it will take practice and patience but you will be able to execute proper form even after a few rounds.  Set to pumping music, you will be surprised at how enjoyable and rewarding this class can be as well as challenging. You will leave feeling the effects of this total body workout and excited to return for more. 


What are the benefits?

Barbells will help you burn calories, tone the body, strengthen your muscles and increase core strength. As well as improve bone density and help reduce the risk of injury. Furthermore, strength training exercises have been proven to boost your mood, improve self-confidence and reduce the symptoms of depression. 


Who’s it for?

This class is suitable for everyone. Even if you usually shy away from barbells on the gym floor, this class will teach you how to perfect the techniques in a safe environment under the instruction of a Gym Plus fitness professional. It is the ideal class for anyone looking to get lean, toned and strong in a faster amount of time. 



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