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Aquatic Tai Chi

Aqua Tai Chi is a water-based class that works on breathing techniques with an emphasis on slow gentle movements.

What to expect

The class takes place in the heated indoor pool under the direction of an experienced Tai Chi instructor. You will perform a unique combination of slow, graceful movements, controlled breathing and meditation set to calming music.

You will experience a state of calm by following the choreographed movement. And the warm water will increase blood flow to the body and help reduce tightenings, knots and tension in the muscles.

Aquatic Classes Timetable

What are the benefits?

There is an abundance of health benefits to Aqua Tai Chi including improved muscle strength, flexibility and balance.

Test the Waters

Aqua Tai Chi is a great way to test the waters as a beginner to the practice itself. The properties of water promote active movement and muscle relaxation, as well as provide greater bodily and postural support.

Lower Impact

Exercising in water allows for a lower impact on the body, which makes Aqua Tai Chi perfect for those who suffer from joint pain, back or leg problems. And studies have also shown that practising Aqua Tai Chi regularly can reduce breathlessness in older adults with COPD.


Participants enjoy the experience of lightness in the water, helping those who suffer from musculoskeletal diseases and chronic pain

Who is
Aqua Tai Chi for?

The low impact nature of Aqua Tai Chi means it is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. It is a great class for anyone looking to de-stress, improve sleep and lower their blood pressure. It is also the ideal class for anyone who enjoys exercising in the aquatic environment and wants to improve their balance, coordination, range of motion and mobility. As well as for people recovering from chronic pain, an injury or illness.

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