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Aqua Fit

You can get started right away or read on to learn more about Aqua Fit.

Aquafit is a fun fitness class that’s great for boosting energy, burning fat and improving well-being. Go at your own pace in the water and enjoy the friendly atmosphere as you get your heart pumping.

What to expect

Aquafit is an aerobic exercise class performed in the water. Set to music, it is the perfect low impact workout appropriate for people of all ages and fitness abilities. Each class involves warm-ups with moves such as bike kicks and arm scoops. The cardiovascular section engages the whole body in exercises such as jumping jacks, punches and bicycle kicks. Instructorsmwill then demonstrate how to perform water stretches and core muscle exercises.

This is a challenging workout but the water allows class members to push their heart and lungs without putting pressure on their joints. Classes may incorporate light equipment such as kickboards, buoys or paddles to create more resistance throughout the workout.

Gym Plus instructors will keep you motivated to the very end with their enthusiasm and encouragement. Aquafit is suitable for all fitness levels, with seniors and those recovering from an injury benefiting from increased coordination and improved balance the exercise brings. The water acts as a natural resistance, helping build muscle strength and endurance without the need for weights or other gym equipment. And our instructors will also make it a challenging workout for the younger group members, ensuring their difficulty levels are modified.

Aquatic Classes Timetable

What are the benefits?

There is an abundance of health benefits to Aqua Fit including: 

Major Calorie Burner

Aquafit provides an excellent aerobic exercise so expect to burn up to 600 calories in one session. The faster movements you perform the greater results you will see. It is also an effective workout to help you build strength, contributing to muscle development.

Lower Impact

Exercising in water allows for a lower impact on your body, which makes Aquafit the perfect exercise for those who suffer with joint pain, arthritis, back problems or foot or leg conditions. It is also an excellent exercise for athletes who are recovering from an injury.

Meet New People

It is also a fantastic way to meet new people and socialise with your peers. Aquafit is a fun, friendly class where you can easily interact with others in a non-competitive environment.

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