Cardio Abs Fitness Classes

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A challenging class that targets your abs and bum. This one is light on cardio but big on toning and will leave you feeling stronger in your glutes, legs and core. 

A typical class

Abs class focuses on a series of conditioning exercises using barbells, dumbells, kettlebell as well as resistance bands. You will perform lunges, squats, sit-ups and other bodyweight exercises to help you tone up quickly.

You will feel the burn within minutes in this class as you work to strengthen those important muscles. Led by our expert instructors who can modify exercises to accommodate participants of varying fitness levels and abilities.

What are the benefits?

You can sculpt a more defined body shape and a flatter stomach with regular visits to abs class. You will feel your core muscles getting stronger and your abs leaner within a few weeks of taking this class.

And a strong core will help improve your balance and body stability. This is particularly important as we age to help reduce the risk of injury. Abs class also boosts energy levels and can improve your mood.

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