Strength Training Classes

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Strength Training Classes

Strength training is a type of physical exercise specializing in the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction which builds the strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles.”

People do strength training for a number of reasons including building lean muscle mass, toning the body and for athletic strength and power. You can choose to do your own strength training workout on the gym floor, or to do a group exercise class that has strength training includes or focuses exclusively on it. At Gym Plus we recommend people of all ages and fitness levels should incorporate strength training into their workouts in order to maintain muscle mass and bone density. A strength training class can be a great way to ensure you are training safely, avoiding injury and training the right way to get the specific results you are after.

Different types of strength training class

Lots of our classes at Gym Plus incorporate some elements of strength training, either with weights, specialised equipment or using bodyweight for resistance. However we have a few classes which are what we’d call pure strength training classes and these are the ones we’ll explain now:

Barbells: Barbells is a class that uses more traditional free weights for strength training, the image you probably had in your head when you started reading about it. The class will increase strength and teach you weightlifting techniques so you can feel more confident of staying safe and injury free when using free weights on the gym floor.

Kettlebells: Kettlebells are a specific type of free weight, shaped like a bell, hence the name. The kettlebell is a hugely versatile piece of strength training equipment, allowing you to perform a wide range of movements with a single piece of equipment. This class works your whole body to help increase strength and cardio fitness.

Tempolift: Lifting larger weights doesn’t make ladies bulk up, but many still worry about it and so we designed tempolift, a class that focuses on toning through high repetitions using light weights. You’ll use dumbbells to the music’s beat to work your muscles to the max.

Suspension training: If you want to go beyond the traditional “pumping iron” you can try a different strength workout with the Navy Seals’ ‘portable gym’, which takes traditional strength training exercises onto suspension ropes. Don’t worry about the lack of weights, this military inspired class will still give you the strength training benefits you are after.

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