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Circuit Training at GymPlus

Circuit training classes are those where there are a series of places set up for different exercises. These are called stations. The class works by having a person on each station, doing a specific exercise for a set amount of time. When the instructor indicates that the time slot is up, everyone moves round a station and does a different exercise. The exercises are structured so you target a different bit of the body or do a different style of exercise at each station, so you’re giving the other areas a break as you move on.

What are the benefits of circuit training?

Circuit training classes offer you a diverse set of exercises that are split between cardio and strength training, offering you a full body conditioning workout in a very short space of time. In addition, your instructor can offer personal coaching and advice, scaling the difficulty of a particular exercise depending on your level of ability.

Because you are only doing each exercise for a short period of time, you can really focus on giving it your all, sure in the knowledge that you’ll be doing something completely different in a couple of minutes. It also stops you getting distracted comparing yourself to the rest of the class, because you’re the only one doing that exercise at that point.

What styles of circuit training are there?

Traditional circuit training: At Gym Plus, we call these classes circuits (doh) or combo. They’re perfect for people short on time, big on results. They are a fast-paced class combining strength and cardio stations for total body fitness. Expect exercises such as skipping, jumping, weights, squats and more, working your upper body, lower body, core, compound exercises and sprint style cardio exercises.

Non-traditional circuits: Non traditional circuit training can combine any other style of exercise with the circuit format to form a class that feels distinctly different from a traditional circuits class. For example at Gym Plus we offer BoxFit, where you train like a boxer as you work through a fun, challenging circuit of rope work, pad work and abs exercises.

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