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Not available in Cork, Ballsbridge or Clarendon Street

Teen-Fitness at Gym Plus is a specially designed programme to help teens aged 13-15 get fit, be healthy and have fun. These small group classes are the ideal way for young people in this age group to create lifelong fitness habits in a lively, friendly environment.

What is Teen-Fitness?

We recommend that teens get at least 1 hour of daily physical activity. But we understand for some teens this can be difficult. So Teen-Fitness offers an ideal opportunity to increase their levels of physical activity. Everyone gets personal attention in class. Members can take the class at their own pace with no pressure to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Furthermore, exercises are specially chosen to suit the requirements of this rapidly developing age group.

In class, teens perform a mix of physical activities including cardiovascular, strength and weight training as well as stretching exercises. Set to music, classes are purposefully designed to be a positive and upbeat atmosphere for teens to enjoy working out. All under the supervision of our fully trained professional Gym Plus instructors.

What are the benefits of Teen-Fitness?

Teen- Fitness at Gym Plus is a class for teens to maintain and build their fitness levels in a small group, friendly environment. It is suitable for teens of all fitness abilities from ages 13-15. This call can help teens develop their balance, coordination and endurance. It can also improve their bone density. Which is crucial during the bone growing years.

For teens who don’t play sport, this can be the perfect way to build exercise into their weekly lives. It is a great way for teens to meet new friends. As well as build confidence and learn how to set fitness goals. Staying fit can help improve self-esteem and decrease the risk of injury or illness later in life.

Furthermore, teens leave with a sense of achievement after every session and excited to keep coming back each week.

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