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A unique class designed to condition the whole body doing exercises using a Swiss ball. Fitball is a fun, challenging fitness class will help you improve core stability, balance and stability.

What is Fitball?

Fitball is a ball based training class that works your core muscles including the abdominals, back, bum and thighs. Simply sitting on the fitball engages your core muscles and stabilisers. In class, our Fitball Gym Plus instructor will show you how to perform exercises with the ball. The class atmosphere is enjoyable as you perform exercises to upbeat music.

We start with gentle warm up exercises. Then move on to back, shoulder and arm exercises. Finally we will move onto ab work, squats against the wall and stability exercises. This low impact exercise is perfect for those who want a challenging workout without being out of breath or getting too sweaty. Finally, there is a cool down at the end of each session that helps your muscles to relax.

What are the benefits of Fitball?

This class can help improve your coordination, balance and core. Fitball exercises help stabilise the abdomen while toning the body and building strength. It is a unique class that is suitable for people of all fitness abilities.

Combined with other high-intensity cardio exercises and a healthy diet, these exercises can help promote weight loss. The core strength you develop in class will help your endurance for aerobic exercises, boosting your metabolism and helping you to burn calories faster. It can help athletes and sports people develop the core strength they need to perform better. Whether that’s bending, twisting or jumping – strength emanates from the core. Furthermore, it is a great exercise to perform to reduce the risk of future injuries and strains.

This is also the perfect class for older people who want to improve their mobility and coordination. It can help alleviate aches and pains, correct bad posture and strengthen the back muscles.

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