Easy Tone Classes

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Keep fit and future proof your body with mobility, weights and bodyweight exercises. Easy Tone is a class designed to meet the needs of those new to exercise.

What is Easy Tone?

As we age, it is critical to stay active. We should listen to the needs and abilities of our bodies, to reduce the risk of injury or strain. You will work with trained Gym Plus instructors, who can modify exercises to suit your individual needs and fitness abilities.

Also, Easy Tone is a class for anyone who is looking for an exercise that is fun, friendly and supportive. you will use your own body weight as well as kettlebells and dumbbells. Each class has a different focus, helping target problem areas as needed.

What are the benefits of Easy Tone?

While most older adults regularly walk, swim or run for exercise many do not perform weight or resistance training. Easy Tone at Gym Plus will help you build muscle, increase mobility and improve bone density. All of which are important areas to focus on as we age.

You can achieve better balance and reduce the risk of injury or strain through resistance training.  Instructors will work with members to modify exercises as required and ensure they meet individual needs. Each week you will feel stronger and build endurance, enabling you to perform other aerobic activities.

Easy Tone is an enjoyable class. With a friendly atmosphere led by enthusiastic instructors. Moreover, it’s a great way to meet new people and socialise. You can easily chat and interact with other class members, helping each other to stay motivated.

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