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Not available in Cork, Ballsbridge or Clarendon Street

Are you a parent who would like to get back into an exercise routine, but are struggling to find the motivation or time to do so? Buggy Bootcamp could be your solution! No childminder required, you can work out with your baby, meet other parents and start your fitness journey with us.

What is Buggy Bootcamp?

Exercising post-baby can sometimes feel like an intimidating activity. But it is really important to help our bodies get back into shape, boost energy levels and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Buggy Bootcamp is the perfect way for new mums to kick-start their post-natal exercise routine, meet other local mums and have some fun doing so. Without the need for a babysitter!

We recommend you wait until your 6-week postpartum check-up and get your doctor’s approval before engaging in this type of exercise. Then when you feel comfortable book a class. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t exercised in a long time, we cater for all fitness levels. We will encourage and motivate you throughout but there is no pressure to keep up, take it at your own pace and rest when needed. After a few sessions you will start seeing positive results and increase endurance.

Exercises are tailored for strengthening the pelvic floor and abdomen alongside increasing tone and flexibility. Each class starts with a warm up, followed by cardiovascular and strength training exercises. This may include walking, running and jumping as well as squats, lunges and balance exercises.

What are the benefits to Buggy Bootcamp?

Buggy Bootcamp at Gym Plus can help you improve your fitness levels as well as your well being and mental health. At a time when energy levels are depleted due to lack of sleep, this class can help energise you. You will start to feel great after only a few sessions, giving you confidence and improving your mood.

Classes are very friendly, and everyone has their babies or toddlers in tow and can tend to them as needed throughout.

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