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Boxercise and other boxing inspired fitness classes start with the premise that a professional boxer’s fitness is at the peak of what is achievable, even by the standards of other professional athletes. Therefore, the training programmes they used to achieve this must be very beneficial to more general fitness objectives.


What is Boxercise?

Boxercise was created by boxing coach Andy Wake in 1992 and currently has 1.2 million people doing it each week. The idea behind Boxercise was to take the training techniques and routines used by boxers to get them into peak physical condition and use them to help those outside the boxing world improve their fitness levels.

Boxercise is non competitive, unlike the actual sport of boxing. It is also worth noting that Boxercise includes all the different types of boxing training apart from sparring. In a Boxercise class you might get to throw punches, but it’ll be at pads not people!

What are the benefits of Boxing Fitness Classes?

Boxercise has inspired a whole host of boxing and martial arts inspired fitness classes that are hugely popular with gym goers around the world. They all have similar elements, such as punching bags or pads, shadow boxing and skipping. These diverse exercises offer a similarly diverse range of fitness benefits from speed to endurance, strength to stability and even flexibility.

There are two main draws of boxing fitness though; firstly the sheer calorie expenditure per second; fighting fit boxers are that lean and mean for a reason! Then, aside from getting you enviably honed and toned, boxing fitness is great for your mental wellbeing too.

Yoga doesn’t have the monopoly on restoring your inner zen. There’s nothing quite like throwing punches whilst imagining whoever or whatever is stressing you out stood right in front of you soaking up the punishment! And even if you’re not feeling particularly stressed, the discipline and rhythm of the training takes you to a really good place.

At Gym Plus we offer a class called BoxFit, where you train like a boxer as you work through a fun, challenging circuit of rope work, pad work and abs exercises. Whatever style of boxing fitness class you choose, make sure it’s with a reputable fitness provider, with qualified instructors. Whilst not as dangerous as actual boxing, you still need to do boxing fitness properly to avoid injury.

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