Beau Jacks Boxing

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Are you interested in taking part in a challenging, high intensity fitness class? Are you looking for something different that will push you to your limits? If so, Beau Jacks Boxing is for you. Exclusive to Gym Plus Ballsbridge, prepare for a tough class that will certainly get your heart pumping.

What is Beau Jacks Boxing?

During a Beau Jacks Boxing class you will master fancy footwork and powerful punches while burning some serious calories and building strength. This anaerobic strength training class will take you beyond your comfort zone and make you work harder than you ever have before. Beau Jacks Boxing trainers except no excuses and there are no breaks. Mixing boxing techniques and high intensity fitness drills, you will leave sweaty, exhausted but exhilarated after every session. Classes are aimed at both men and women who are looking to achieve a higher level of fitness in a fun, fast paced and challenging environment.

Benefits of Beau Jacks Boxing

This full body workout engages your upper body, lower body and core all in one session. You will learn how to be in the proper form and stance, execute punches and move quickly on your feet. This cardiovascular workout can improve your resting heart rate and increase stamina. In addition to calorie burning, Beau Jacks Boxing is a great way to improve your strength, endurance, agility and balance. It can help you sculpt muscles you didn’t know you had!

Beau Jacks Boxing is also a great way to loosen your body. The intensity of the workout releases a flood of endorphins, which will make you feel happier and less stressed by the end of the session. A therapeutic workout for some, it can help reduce stress and improve mood levels.

Similar to other high-intensity workouts, Beau Jacks Boxing can help boost your energy, metabolism, improve muscle tone and reduce body fat. Additionally, it can help you develop better hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

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