Abs Fitness Classes

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Abs is all about strengthening your abdominal muscles! It’s time to get your heart racing and feel the burn, tone up and strengthen your core.

What is Abs?

Set to energetic music, Abs at Gym Plus is a fun class for people of all levels of fitness. It is a challenging workout that will leave you sweaty but feeling great.

In class you will perform exercises such as high knees, where you jog in place, raising your knees up to hip level. Other exercises include squat thrusts, switch kicks, jumping jacks and side planks to name a few. You will also get into some hip, bum and lower back exercises to strengthen and stretch the abdominal muscles.

What are the benefits of Abs?

This class will help you burn maximum calories while targeting abs to lose stomach fat. This is a great cardio workout alone or you can combine it with strength-training to see faster results.

Strong abs help support a stronger core. The core includes the pelvic muscles, hips and the muscles that support the spine. And in turn, a stronger core will help reduce your risk of injury or strain from everyday activities. Abs is also an effective class for those who spend a lot of time at a desk in an office environment. These exercises can help correct bad posture, supporting the spine and creating comfort in the standing position.

Athletes and sportspeople can also benefit from Abs exercises. All sports use the core for stabilisation and action. Whether that’s turning to swing a bat, bending to jump for a basket or swinging a golf club – movements come from the abdominal muscles. A strong core can help athletes recover faster from an injury as well as prevent injuries and muscle strains.

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