Challenge Yourself: 4 Ways To Stay Active & Motivated

Fitness challenges can help you shake up your fitness routine. They can also boost your motivation to exercise. Furthermore, our Gym Plus fitness team all agree, that clear and achievable challenges can also help to focus the mind.  And this additional focus can help you reach your fitness goal faster.

There are lots of different fitness challenges to choose from. From personal challenges to meet a particular goal within a specific period of time to the more ambitious challenges that you train for in advance, our advice is to select the one that appeals to you the most. So let’s take a look at how you can challenge yourself and stay active, motivated and focused in the process…..


1. Personal Challenges

One easy way to become more active and create a healthy habit in the process is by taking part in personal challenges that you can compete in a specific time period. And you can keep track of your challenge using a fitness tracker or phone app. 

An example of a personal challenge could be the 21-day walking challenge. This is a simple one that you can do anywhere and fit it around your daily schedule. For this one, aim to walk at least 30 minutes each session for 21 days in a row. You can build in this exercise before work, during your lunch or in the evenings. And if the weather isn’t suitable, then use the treadmill to get your steps in.

Or,  try a 30-day yoga challenge that you can practice in the comfort of your own home,  garden or gym floor. Dedicate 10-20 minutes a day to doing yoga for increased strength, flexibility and balance. This can help you to maximise your performance in other types of exercises.


2. Improve Your Personal Best

The personal best challenge can be a helpful tool to help you reach your fitness goals. This challenge involves setting goals around personal bests for certain exercises. This could be improving your bench press, deadlift, squat, lap time or swim time to name a few. To get started with this type of challenge, make sure to document your previous personal bests close to the time period of the start of this challenge.

Journal everything you do, in addition to using your online apps or fitness tracker, in order to accurately measure your progress. Also, make sure to keep track of your meal plan, what you’re eating and how much and when. In addition to how much water you are drinking.

3. Group challenges

A little friendly competition with a friend, family member or co-worker will certainly motivate you to stay active. Competition has been proven to motivate people to exercise more frequently and for longer periods. As well as generate new energy to exercise when we are stalled.

Making yourself accountable to others makes it harder to skip a session or class while giving you the opportunity to socialise. At Gym Plus we host weekly group challenges. The focus of these will vary from strength, fitness or fat loss. They are instructor-led body blitz classes designed to get you out of your comfort zone and trying new ways to train more efficiently.

Or if you prefer to compete with friends in your own time, you could create a challenge group online. There are a range of fitness wearable devices and apps that allow you to create groups and invite people to join. You can share the details of your workout and see the activity of your fellow group members.

4. Competitive Event

Setting yourself a goal of competing in a big event is a great way to challenge yourself while maintaining your focus and keeping track of your progress. Pick an event that you will enjoy training for and give yourself plenty of time to prepare for it. It should be something that can’t be achieved too easily but one that is realistic given your abilities and fitness level. And you should have a training plan before starting.  

You could aim to do a 5k run, marathon, biking blitz, swim challenge or a multi-sport event. Or why not try something completely different like Tough Mudder, which takes place on 20th and 21st July. It is an endurance event series in which participants attempt a 10-12 mile long obstacle course that will test your mental and physical strength.

Or if you’re really looking to put your fitness training to the test, you could aim to compete in an adventure race. Such as The Great Fjord Swim in Connemara where competitors can choose from three courses in which they will swim between the peaks of Mayo and Connemara.

Whether you’re a fitness pro or a gym newbie, training for an event is something positive to visualise completing. If you’re thinking about training for an event, be sure to ask the fitness team at Gym Plus to help you create a training plan. We’re happy to help!


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Webbiz Team

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