We’re all about making sure you get more from your membership so you can go further than you ever dreamed was possible.

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Get More, Go Further

Everything we do is driven by delivering more for our members, so they can go further. More facilities, more services, more support, more special events, more of everything that makes your membership the best value in the industry.

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More Than A Gym

Our gyms aren’t just gyms. Every Gym Plus club offers more than the average gym, be that a pool, spa facilities, studios, specialist equipment or service areas for beauty and health treatments. Each club has it’s own unique setup and character ideally suited to its location.




Modern Gym Equipment

Modern Equipment

Expert Gym Instructors

Expert Coaches

Great Space for Training

8 Spacious Clubs

Parking 24/7

Parking 24/7


Warm Pools

Well Prepared

About Gym

Our Promise To You

We make every one of our members a promise and you’re no exception. Gym Plus is about more than just additional facilities and services. Our culture and brand promise (affectionately known as the 4 P’s!) are designed to deliver more than the average gym too.

Gym Plus offers everyone an opportunity to enjoy a fitness workout in an accessible and inclusive environment. All our clubs have a diverse membership base, with the majority of our gym equipment being fully accessible for people with disabilities. If you have a disability, please make us aware of what it is and we can guide and support your fitness goals. We are ready to adapt our facilities and fitness classes where possible. We look forward to welcoming you to our club soon.

Core Values



We love what we do. Our energy and warmth is infectious. We inspire others to love the stuff we love, but we don’t preach.



We’re welcoming and warm. We make time for everyone. You’re on a unique fitness journey and we’re there to support you.



We think ahead and act before we are asked. We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve your membership experience.



We are glass half full in everything we do and say. We encourage and motivate. We focus on goals and solutions, not problems.

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We’re so much more than a gym and we’re looking forward to you joining our unique fitness family. Join now or book a free fitness consultation and virtual tour.

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