5 Tips For Cross Training At Home

If you’re unable to get to the gym or want to change up your gym routine then cross-training is the way to go. By incorporating a cross-training programme into your exercise routine you’ll challenge your body and be more athletic, many cross-training activities are also fun to do, which is a bonus when it comes to working out.

Cross-training will also have a big impact on helping you to burn off excess body fat, especially if you pick activities that allow you to exercise for longer periods. For cross-training at home, there are a few ways you can achieve this:


Body Weight Workout

No weights at home? No problem. Working out with exercises that utilize your body weight can give you an edge when it comes to exercising and keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals.

Exercises like press-ups, burpees, squats, and sit-ups are quick, easy and most importantly, will make you sweat. Bodyweight exercises contribute to helping you to be more agile and flexible, as you’re using your body weight against yourself, it will also improve your balance. And best of all, you don’t need any equipment.


Get On Your Bike

Cycling is great for increasing your cardio without putting pressure on your joints like running might. While you will need to make sure you have the necessary safety equipment, getting on your bike and going for a ride can be a liberating experience whilst also helping you to get into ‘the zone’. 

As we mentioned above, you’ll burn fat more efficiently by performing exercise for longer periods at increased intensity and cycling – whether you have an at-home bike machine or want to sample the real thing outdoors – is ideal.


Get Sporty

Sport is a great way to cross-train and it’s also highly competitive which will help you to keep engaged. Many sports can help you to meet your fitness goals, whether it’s football, rugby, tennis or even hockey – whether you can do some of these at home will depend on the size of your garden. 

But don’t let your home situation stop you, there are plenty of public parks and organised sporting clubs that can help you to have fun, get fit and drop those pounds.



While it’s seen by many as a modern exercise, yoga has been around for thousands of years. Its tried and trusted methods are great to include in your cross-training program. 

Perfect for when it comes to increasing your flexibility and improving your conditioning, yoga helps you to be more agile by helping your joints deal with different types of pressure and movement placed upon it. It’s also relatively easy to start as all you need is your body and an exercise mat.




Exercise with music. Zumba is a rhythm-based exercise that helps to improve cardiovascular fitness and is easy to get addicted to.

Whether you want to do Zumba on your own or with friends and family in your home, Zumba is a dance fitness that can help you to build muscle, encourage weight loss, and is also a great stress reliever, especially after a long workday. Its versatility means that it’s a fantastic addition to your cross-training at-home workout plan.


Get Cross-Training Today!

Cross Training at home, at the gym or both, is great for improving your health, heart, and fitness. Variety is the spice of life and with these tips, it can also be the way to achieve your fitness goals as well. For more information on any of these activities or if you want to find out cross-training options available to you at one of our nationwide gyms, why not pop in to Gym Plus and ask us? We’ll be more than happy to help. 



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