4 ways to make corporate wellness more fun

We want our employees to stay well and be as healthy as possible, mentally and physically. Part of the trick is increasing the level of engagement in corporate wellness programmes and initiatives. Subsequently, a critical factor in increasing engagement is upping the levels of enjoyment your employees draw from participating in your corporate wellness activities. In short, the more fun you make the programmes and initiatives, the better take up you will see and the more benefits will be delivered to the workforce.

Here are a few ideas:

Get fitter together

Whether it’s a marathon or a 5K walk, fitness challenges and group contests bring employees together. They encourage participation, because there’s a social element to taking part. Peers ask each other to have a go and support each other throughout, enhancing team building.

You can initiate these centrally, or provide central support of them when they occur organically within the workforce. If the fitness challenge has a link to charity, so much the better. This combines the health benefits of exercise with the mental benefits of participating in CSR.

Host a healthy snack bar

Best laid plans for healthy eating tend to go awry on busy days. Encourage your workforce to step away from their workstations and pick up a healthy treat from a snack bar. Not only will your staff love choosing from a stimulating array of nutritious snacks, they also get an automatic mental break from work and benefit from interacting with colleagues outside their own team.

Play with tech

There are a huge variety of health related apps and wearables now available. In the case of apps, many of these are free and often they have web versions for non smartphone users. This allows everyone to take part. Adding a technical element often sees employees take greater personal responsibility for their wellbeing. The monitoring aspect of health and fitness tech encourages more regular observation of the individual’s habits, and make the process fun.


Have a laugh – try a corporate wellness comedy evening

2017 has seen an increased emphasis on mental health in corporate wellness, as well as physical wellbeing. One of the most interesting areas of research is around the effect of laughter on mental health. We’re big believers in exercise as a great way to lift your mood, so we were fascinated to hear of a study published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. The study found that laughter yoga was more effective in alleviating the effects of depression in older women than normal exercise.

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